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The Eastern Mining Collectors Association (EMCA) is a group dedicated to the preservation and understanding of America's rich mining heritage through collection and preservation of mining artifacts.

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EMCA Seventh Annual Spring Show & Meet APRIL 7th 2018

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We'll leave up the info from the second annual Spring Show so you can have the basic info and get an idea what the third annual show/reunion will be like. We had a great turnout from the public and the folks at Carter Caves went out of their way to not only welcome us but did everything to make sure our show was a success. Hats of to the staff for treating us so very well, we greatly appreciate it!

We also appreciate the great support from our collector friends that believed in us and the show to make it such a well attended and much fun event.
Click here to see the photos from the show!

The 7th annual show is slated for the weekend of April 7th 2018, see you all there!
Vendors need to pay for tables via the ONLINE store, by clicking on the "ONLINE STORE" link, quick and easy to pay for those tables. You can also pre-order your EMCA 2018 T-Shirts via the link (button) below.

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2018 EMCA Spring Show Reg.

Mining artifacts collectors from all around the country will be meeting at Carter Caves State Resort Park on Saturday April 7th 2018 from approx 8:30am-4:30pm, to buy, sell, trade and horse trade various mining artifacts from both the coal mining and hard rock mining (gold, silver, copper) regions of the USA. Artifacts will include not only mine lighting (oil wicks, carbide lamps, miners candle sticks/candles) but will run the gamut to items related to blasting, testing, marketing, photographs, etc. The event is free and open to the public and we wish to stress that anyone that has the slightest interest in a rich yet sometimes misunderstood part of American history to please stop by and see what it really takes to light/heat your home when you come home and flip the switch.

We also encourage current & retired miners and their families to stop by and see what we are collecting and tell us some of your insights about working underground in the coal mines. We are preserving a great part of American history one lamp or one blasting machine at a time and we are very passionate about what we do.
Lodge rooms have been graciously offered to us at $49/$59 per night. Just let the staff know you are part of the Spring 2018 mining show.

Vendors get ONE eight foot table for $35. A SECOND table is $25. Tables THREE and up are $10 ($5 less than last year).

When the eight footers are gone the six foot tables will be used. So contact me at EMCA_info@guysdropper.com to reserve your tables for the show. BETTER YET, click the button above and do it all  safe and securely online right now!

Restaurant on premises, Free Wifi, beautiful lodge lobby with large fireplace and plenty of comfy chair & couches to sit on and relax.

Smack in the middle of "Kentucky Coal Country" and
surrounded by both Ohio & West Virginia
Coal Country. Only 10 minutes from Interstate 64

For more info, you can contact us at EMCA_info@ guysdropper.com

"The Gang" At the 1st Annual EMCA Spring Show 3.24.12
Held at the Beautiful Carter Caves State Resort Park.

To those that will be selling at the EMCA Kentucky show. I had a phone call from the KY Tax man for Carter County. Bottom line is that every vendor will be receiving a KY sales tax form from Chris & I and it will be up to each vendor to fill out the form and collect/pay a 6% sales tax on each sale at the show. How you do that is entirely up to you, whether you increase the cost by 6% per item or simply add it at the end of the sale. But you have to fill out the form and send it in within 20 days with the amount of sales tax collected/due or you may incur a penalty of some kind. If you DO NOT have any sales then you simply fill in the form and place a zero where applicable.

This is apparently something the state is now enforcing more even on the smaller shows/events as they wish to get as much revenue as possible. This was how it was described to me by the guy from the tax dept.

So again, we will get the forms to you on Friday/Sat and then it is up to you to take care of it from there. Most if not all folks are already used to paying sales tax, so this should not be much of a surprise to folks that may want to purchase an item. So in simple math it will be $3 additional on a sale of $50 or $6 additional on a sale of $100. Chris Hacker & I will have the forms to pass out to everyone that is a vendor. Personally I would rather be in complete compliance and have a fun time.

Regardless I think it will be a good show.


Basic Schedule of Events for the 2017 EMCA Spring Show

  • Friday night Room Crawl
  • Friday afternoon or evening carbide/oilwick lamp trip through one of the commercial caves in the park. Just a fun trip in a warm cave.
  • Saturday Mining Artifacts Show in the Fields Facility
  • Saturday evening program, to be announced.
  • Saturday Night auction & silent auction in the Grayson Room
  • NEW...We have a spacious cabin available for socializing from Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning. So if you arrive early come & relax and horse trade, swap yarns, etc. The cabin will also be open before & after the Friday night room crawl as well as after the auction on Saturday evening.

More upcoming show info can be found on the "LINKS" Page

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